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Dress Code

Club Lithgow is committed to providing its members and visitors with a high standard of facilities and services, and a comfortable and safe environment.


The Club expects members and visitors to dress in an appropriate manner when attending the club. Club staff or management may approve a variation of the dress regulations in special circumstances. Members and visitors who do not comply with the dress regulations will not be served and will be asked to leave the Club premises. The decision of Club staff or management will be final.

The following are unacceptable in the Club at any time;

- Untidy, torn, or dirty clothing or footwear

- Scuffs, or slippers

- Stubbies or similar brief shorts

- Singlets

- Sleeveless shirts

- Bare feet

- Pyjamas

- Caps/ headwear (except lady bowlers & ladies dress headwear)

- Clothing that displays offensive words or pictures

- Immodest, or provocative clothing

- Under clothing showing

- Any other dress that is considered inappropriate by the Club staff or management

Dress code on the Bowling Greens


Appropriate dress on the greens is established by the Men’s and Ladies Bowls Sub-bodies. In addition to the sub-bodies regulations not permitted on the greens;

- Thongs

- Brief shorts

- Clothing that displays offensive words or pictures.

- Immodest, or provocative clothing.

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