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About Club Lithgow

Club Lithgow is a treasured Club in the heart of Lithgow, having been around for a century now. What started out as two ant-bed tennis courts, a wood and iron clubhouse and a well-kept hedge has since grown into a beloved destination for members and guests alike. The club offers a variety of weekly activities and entertainment and is also the proud home of the Lithgow City Bowling Team. Celebrating a full century of providing the people of the city with joy and recreation, Club Lithgow is a testament to the spirit of community and camaraderie.

Our Directors

Club Lithgow's team of Directors are a dedicated and experienced group of individuals. With a deep passion for the Club, they work tirelessly to ensure the Club runs smoothly and provides a welcoming environment for all members and guests. Their leadership and commitment to excellence have helped the Club thrive and transform into the family friendly Club in the heart of Lithgow.


Gary Sutherland


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Michael Johnson



Frank Mierzcak


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